Better brain health and greater over all emotional and physical well being can be had cheaply and easily with a simple recipe for a nutritious and delicious banana smoothie. Here is how it is done

Mix up with water eight ounces of dry, non-fat milk, or use all natural plain yogurt with the amount of water for the thickness you prefer. Put it in a blender. Break up a peeled banana and add it to the milk or yogurt. Add all natural organic cocoa powder, if you like. Then add two tablespoons of all natural, organic cold pressed Flax Seed Oil. Blend. Pour it into a large glass with ice. Sweeten the smoothie to taste with all natural raw unpasteurized honey, Saccharin, Stevia or Whey Low. Never use sugar, corn syrup or aspartame. Many health experts say aspartame causes nerve damage.

This combo is good both for the brain and the body. The most beneficial psychedelic retreats
aspect of this smoothie is the flax oil/protein mix. This mix, if the flax oil is fully combined with the dairy, allows the oil to enter the blood stream by which it is distributed to all the cells of the body. There it restores the electrical charges of the cells making them healthy and strong and more able to do their work. When the ‘batteries’ of the body are depleted of correct electrical charges the entire body functions poorly. Recharging improves the energy of the system and thus the mood and mental abilities. It also improves lung function, even if you have COPD and emphysema. The oil/dairy combo moisturizes the dry mucus in the lungs and the mucus is then coughed up whereas before it was stuck there, until the person drowns of it. This doesn’t have to happen. And getting more oxygen to the brain via improved respiration improves mental functioning. This is according to seven time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Johanna Budwig.

According to the doctor who performed heart surgery on Bill Clinton, and has his own TV show, Dr. Oz, banana is also good for the brain. At his web site he says “bananas are high in antioxidants, dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine boosts memory and attention while serotonin elevates mood and helps control appetite, memory and learning ” In combination with Flax Oil mixed with yogurt or dry milk brain health is greatly improved. Organic cocoa powder is one of the best things for health, according to many quoting recent studies. But chocolate candy bars high in chemicals, wax and sugar are not beneficial at all. Omit the cocoa powder if you prefer, or switch between adding it and skipping it as wanted. And that is all there is the quick and easy brain health smoothie.

Eliminate any preservatives made of hard fat in your diet. Dr. Johanna Budwig, who many times cured cancer patients who were given three days to live by medical doctors, says preservatives made of hard fats is the reason every time you turn around somebody else has cancer. But no matter what your brain health problem the above recipe will improve it. It also improves breathing for those with COPD in that the Flax Seed Oil turns mucus in the lung into water that is then absorbed by the body. That way it doesn’t stay in your lungs and build up until there is no more room. Once a day is enough for better brain health. Twice a day is better if you have a lot of mucus in your lungs. You will notice a big improvement in your mood and outlook within two weeks.