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Flexible Closure Molding

Dated:2017-11-06 Sourced:CBWEE Browsed:


The flexible closure molding can flexibly switch among 4 models and provide clients with customized BIW hemming to the satisfactory of whole covering parts. In the meanwhile, core technology including robot roller hemming, pressing machine and, mold change mechanism, etc. are applied to maximize the system flexibility, intelligence, efficiency and reliability. Moreover, the robot visual inspection and automatic gluing are used. The cycle time is 60JPH and automation rate is above 95%.

CBWEE can customize BIW hemming technology for clients including the off-line and on-line roller hemming for doors (front/rear), hood & trunk, sunroof (semi/panoramic) and, wheel casing (front/rear) to deliver complete solutions.

CBWEE has successfully integrated robot visual inspection system for the purposes of measurement and decision making without human eyes. It is widely used in: robots feeding & blanking or parts & components assembly, work-piece gluing quality inspection and body size measurement, etc. The advantages of robot visual system is to maximize the flexibility and automation.