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A Site Visit & Research to CBWEE Attended by Delegation under Leadership of Mr. Wang Fengchao – Vice Governor of Sichuan Province

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On the afternoon of 19th March 2020, a delegation leaded by Mr. Wang Fengchao paid a site visit & research to CBWEE regarding the major project, intelligent equipment industry and digital economy, in the company of officials from Sichuan Provincial Department of Informatization and Chengdu Municipal Department of Informatization, Mr. Cao– Vice Mayor of Chengdu City, Mr. Liu - Secretary of Chenghua District and Mrs. Yu – Director of Longtan Administration Committee, etc. 

Mr. He Hua –Chairman & General Manager, Mr. Zhu Pinchao – Vice Chairman, Mr. Hu Jia – Standing Deputy General Manager and, Mrs. Li Dan –Labor Union Chairman & Party Building Office Head from CBWEE attended as well.

The delegation firstly visited the CBWEE exhibition hall for better understanding of its profile, history, scientific researches & achievements, business distributions and, reputation won in the field, etc. Under the circumstances where more and more application scenarios into which 5G intellectual solutions are used and the development of Industrial Internet digital economy, the capability of CBWEE to apply its automation system integration solutions into various fields as well as the efforts CBWEE makes and will make to positively explore the new business types under that given conditions are highly recognized by Mr. Wang Fengchao –Vice Governor of Sichuan Province.

Visit to CBWEE Exhibition Hall & Technical Center

Later the delegation visited CBWEE’s Technical Center. By exampling projects CBWEE are doing, Mr. Zhu Pinchao briefed to Mr. Wang Fengchao how the digital simulation and virtual commissioning are used and, the applications of CBWEE automatic lines in OEMs locating in UK, France, Germany and Spain. Meanwhile, a simulation operation is done at site by the technical for Mr. Wang Fengchao.

During the critical period when COVID-19 prevention & control still remained top priority and all the enterprises spare no efforts to speed up manufacturing to restore economic development, there is no doubt that the visit attended by leaders from, including but not limited to, Sichuan Provincial Government will enhance CBWEE’s confidence for further development and exploration. With guidance & instructions provided by leaders from different government levels, all the CBWEE employees will abide by state development policies, respond to state calls and fulfill their duties to furtherly explore new business possibilities and consequently become a benchmark in the field.

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