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Sichuan BMT welding Equipment and Engineering Co., Ltd. (short as CBWEE hereinafter), founded in 1989 ( 30 years old) with CNY 50,000,000 registered capital, is one of the pioneers in Chinese domestic automobile BIW welding and intelligent equipment manufacturing. Now, CBWEE steps its businesses into three fields including automobile BIW welding automation, general contract of automobile part welding line and, general industrial intelligent equipment. Bazhong BOMA Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is founded in the year of 2019 and becomes the wholly-owned parent company of CBWEE since then.

CBWEE headquarter locates at No. 15th Chengzhi Road, Longtan Industrial Port, Chengdu City. Currently, CBWEE has run Jiangyou manufacturing plant/Sichuan/China, Chongqing sales office/China, Wuhan proposal & engineering center/China, Frankfurt Sales Office/Germany and, proposed GIE Agreement Partner MCA/France (Paris local office) in Q1. The total amount of employees is 350 and more than 75% of which is engaged in planning, design, simulation, project management and onsite supporting.

Internationally, CBWEE has been entrusted with high standard welding lines for Ford Thailand (sub-contractor), PSA Kenitra/Morocco, PSA Brazil (sub-contractor), PSA Madrid/Spain, PSA Mulhouse/France, Opel-Vauxhall Luton/UK and Frankfurt/Germany. Besides, CBWEE cooperates with SEGULA and KUKA in some key projects of PSA and Benz.



Company Philosophy: CBWEE Build Intelligent Future

Core Value: Quality Excellence, Innovation Driven!  

Company Spirit: Unite, Strive, Innovate, Develop

Quality Strategy: Quality First, Technology Leading, Management Optimization, Client Satisfaction!



2019 Bazhong BOMA invested Sichuan BOMA Technology and became its parent company; an European marketing branch set up in Frankfurt, Germany; entrusted with PSA (France) – Mulhouse BS line.
2018 Entrusted with PSA (Spain) – Madrid plant, Opel (UK) – Luton plant, BMW G08 battery tray, Byton (Nanjing) NEV mainline.
2017 JD Capital invested and held Sichuan BOMA Technology;enrolled in The First Batch of Recommended Intelligent Manufacturing Suppliers by MIIT. Entrusted with PSA-Morocco project,a new phase to directly step into overseas market;entrusted with Geely (Yuyao) BS line.
2016 Entrusted with Changan (Yubei) digitalized plant upperbody/underbody line.
2015 Entrusted with DPCA (Chengdu) P84C RF line, UB line, mainline, door, hood and fender.
2013 Entrusted with DFPV 3rd welding line, flexible for 3 series/6 variants. It is the biggest OEM project CBWEE has been awarded by now.
2012 Successfully applied “Multi-model Intelligent Body Welding System Integration and Demonstration ” [2012BAF06B02], one subject of “Core Technology and Demonstration related to Automobile Manufacturing
2012 Sichuan BOMA Technology held 100% CBWEE share, a significant milestone of CBWEE history; entrusted with CAF C490 FS/FF/RF and, SAIC-VW (Ningbo) UB line.
2011 Successfully applied “Robot-based Automatic Automobile Welding Production Line” initiated by NDRC, MOF and MIIT; entrusted with Volvo (Chengdu) L421 orders.
2009 Successfully applied “Welding Automation Package Equipment” [2009ZX04007-021], one material technical subject of “Advanced CNC Machine Tool and Basic Manufacturing Equipment”; entrusted with BBAC V212
2008 CBWEE honored as “National High-Tech Enterprise” till now.
2007 Sichuan BOMA Technology bought French share and increased up to 75%; headquarter relocated to Chengdu Longtan Industrial Park; entrusted with DPCA BX3 UB and BS line and, CFER (as subcontractor) closu
2006 Entrusted with DPCA T61/B51 mainline take in/out.
2005 Entrusted with JMC Transit welding workshop as GC.
2001 Chengdu Welding Equipment Company reformed to be Sichuan BOMA Technology Co., Ltd. (parent company).
2000 Entrusted with Siemens (Wuxi) washing machine automation line and, SG Automotive F/R Axle – spot welding robot firstly applied in axle welding in China.
1995 CBWEE set up as a Joint venture in conjunction with BMI France and Chinese share reached 51%; entrusted with SHAC six-station dedicated arc welding machine for bumper.
1992 Entrusted with light truck BS line by Beijing Automobile Works and, DPCA ZX line. CBWEE is the first domestic system integrator won joint-ventured OEMs BIW turnkey lines.
1989 Chengdu Welding Equipment Company (former of CBWEE) established in Welder Building, 2nd Ring Road East, Chengdu City.